• 5.4 Pro Patch Breakdown

    Patch Breakdown

    In our inaugural Patch Breakdown video Hai, IWillDominate, and Quas explain some of the main changes coming to League of Legends in Patch 5.4 including several champion kit changes and jungle nerfs and how some of these changes might effect pro gameplay.

  • Pantheon - the Artisan of War

    Basic Jungle Guide

    In this basic jungle guide IWillDominate teaches you a few of the small tips to fully utilize this high damage jungler as you fall from the sky and carry your team to victory as Pantheon.

  • Kalista - The Spear of Vengeance

    Updated Basic Champion Guide

    Kalista has really matured since her release and players have started to understand and perfect her gameplay and build paths. Because of this rapid evolution, we have completely updated our Kalista basic champion guide with Doublelift. Time to hop and skip your way to victory!



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